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Image of Ben Goymour painting a sunset seascape
Image of a painting of autumn woodland scene by Ben Goymour
Image of Beb Goymour standing in frint of his seascape paintings at Wingates Gellery in Market Harborough

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See bens current collection of original oil paintings and sketches available in his art shop. Worldwide shipping. Find Seascapes, Landscapes, Cityscapes, Animal art work and much more

Image of ab autumn woodland paiting by Ben Goymour

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Here you will find a selection of bens favourite pieces available as prints and limited edition prints. Affordable art, top quality prints for your home or work space.

Image of a moon light seascape painting by Ben Goymour

Painting Tutorials, Art Supplies

Online tutorials and art supplier for Daler-rowney. Ben will guide you through the process with engaging videos, teaching you top secret tips and tricks to help you along your artistic journey. Click shop for more info

Image of Ben Goymour painting a seascape of a crashing wave

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My Story

Ben Goymour - UK Artist_edited_edited.jp

I was born in Peterborough in 1985 where I have lived for most of my civilian life. I joined the Army at 16, serving in the 29 Commando Regiment as a Bombardier. During my service, I had the privilege of taking part in a number of tours including training in America with the US Marines, as well as three tours of Norway training in Arctic Leadership, where I was deployed as a test - if I could lead in the Arctic, they thought I could lead anywhere. When I was only 20 years old, I was sent to Afghanistan as a Section Commander.

When I left the Army I became a builder and carpenter. In February 2017, after a hiking trip to the Lake District, I had my first experience of picking up a brush. I had admired a painting in a local gallery but couldn't afford to buy it, so I decided I would attempt to paint something myself. Little did I know that this would launch me into a new, self-taught career as a professional artist.

I became obsessed with painting, I would get up at 4am and paint before working a full day of on site, before continuing my painting all evening. Fortunately, after a year of obsessive painting, my wife secretly approached some local galleries and renowned artist Roz Bell (of whom I am forever thankful)

By January 2021 I was selling enough art to be able to take the big leap and close my building company and focus solely on my painting. My original paintings can be seen in galleries around the UK here and in my online shop here.

My inspiration comes from my passion for nature and adventure. I spend a lot time in nature either wild camping, hiking or paddle boarding where I spend hours studying how light falls across various landscapes, which has become the primary focus of seascape paintings, as I seek to portray a sense of feeling and mood which can only be experienced through actually being there in real life, creating that "you just had to be there" feeling

Like many veterans, I do have my struggles with PTSD and Art has truly been my therapy. I wanted to create something that would help others benefit from the threptic effects of painting, so I've created a learn paint package like no other product on the market. My trust pilot reviews from complete beginners are incredible you can check them out here

I'm always happy to receive emails and calls, so please don't hesitate to get  in touch! ben@bengoymour.com

Photo of Ben Goymour in Afganistan standing next to his truck
Ben wearing his Commando Green berret and service medal at a Remembrace parade

Best wishes

Ben Goymour Signature
Pheonis Heroes, PTSD Veteran Support Logo

Supporting our Veterans

 In 2019, I hit a bad patch so my wife reached out to a well-known charity to get me some support.  Unfortunately, the demand for their services was so high that I was passed onto another well-known charity. It took almost three months to be assessed and offered appropriate help. My art got me thought it, unknowingly! Thankfully, by the time help was offered, I was in a better place and I didn't need their services.  Not everyone has an escape and a great family behind them, which I'm very grateful to have

This leads me on to talk about a growing charity called Phoenix Heroes PTSD Veteran Support

I want help fellow veterans who have been in my situation. I will be donating paintings to Phoenix Heroes to auction, and have set up art therapy days for our heroes. On top of that, 10% of all sales profits from my website will be donated to Phoenix Heroes. 

Proud to work with....

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