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Painting Tutorial Package 

Learn to paint online videos. Painting tutorials for complete beginner to intermediate artists

Free UK shipping. Worldwide shipping available

Learn to paint - All in one tutorial package

For only £89.99 (RRP of everything included  is worth £135  Saving £45!!) 

I understand the challenge of figuring out what you need when you first start out because I've been there myself. Well, worry not! This meticulously curated box provides you with everything you need, taking the guesswork and wasted money out of the equation and making your artistic exploration seamless and hassle-free.


This box includes:


  • 3 x Online tutorial access (internet connection needed, code activation in box)

  • Daler-Rowney acrylic paint (more than enough to paint each picture several times)

  • 4 x Daler-Rowney brushes

  • 3 x pre-sketched Daler-Rowney boards

  • 1 x Ben's secret blending medium

  • 3 x full-colour gridded copy pictures

  • 3 x colour match cards for paint mixing

  • Brush cleaning jar

  • Daler-Rowney palette

the three tutorials included

Join me on your own journey to create three stunning masterpieces through my exclusive online painting tutorials. This set includes all the necessary materials needed to paint along to three different lessons.

Additional Boards and Brushes.....


You can now add additional boards and brushes to your order. There is more than enough paint to complete your three paintings several times so with these additions you could paint with others or simply paint more for yourself!

How it works...... 

Getting your box: You will receive your box within a few days. Upon box arrival, you will find your unique voucher code in the welcome letter inside the box. Please read the simple instructions how to access the tutorials in the welcome letter.

  • Access tutorials: Head to Tutorials only page here, select "Buy Tutorials" (don't worry you won't have to pay)  Enter your unique code in the voucher/promo box during checkout, and your tutorials will be free.


  • Set Up Your Account: Check your email for an account setup link. 


  • Introduction video: Watch the introduction video first before you unpack your box. It's important that you follow the tutorial videos in order. You will be able to watch the videos in your own time and stop and start as you please. 

photo of Ben
The story behind my tutorials...

I created this all-in-one package to be everything I was looking for when I started learning to paint. What I found was unfortunately, this thing I was looking didn't exist...but, now it does!

If you've read the story on my home page, you'll know my painting journey began in February 2017 after a trip to the Lake District. I wanted to buy a piece of art to remind me of my time in the Lakes but I couldn't afford a painting I saw in a local gallery, so, I decided I would learn to paint one for myself.

The initial excitement led me to countless hours on YouTube, trying to learn from tutorials and, unfortunately, wasting money on the wrong products. Frustration set in when I realised what I was searching for didn't exist.!

It was only when I put my phone down, and embraced the process of trial and error, that I realised teaching myself the only way I started to see true progress. Fast forward a few years, (without wishing to sound big-headed), I'm grateful to be able to say I hung up my beloved Estwing Hammer, bid farewell to my job as a Builder and Carpenter, and now paint full-time, selling in galleries across the UK.

But, putting all that aside, more importantly, art became my therapy and an escape from my PTSD and OCD from my time as an Army Commando. Without going into details, it completely saved me from self-destruction and changed my life. That right there is the main purpose of developing these tutorial boxes. I want others to experience the power of creativity and the positive effects it brings to your life. 

"Art is the best therapy; you can lose yourself for years. If more people did art,

the world would be a better place"

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