Cleaning your Ben Goymour Brush Pack
In collaboration with the UK's biggest brush
company Rosemary & Co. 

Cleaning oil brushes

Start with wiping your brushes on a rag or paper towel.

I don't recommend white spirits, it's very bad for your health. The best way to keep your brushes in tiptop condition is you use oil to clean oil!  You need a lighter oil than the oil you are painting with to clean your brush. You can use Linseed Oil, Vegetable Oil. The oil conditions your brushes too.

To clean them thoroughly you can use washing up liquid.

Cleaning acrylic brushes

You must ensure to clean your Acrylic brushes in-between each use; not doing so will allow the Acrylic paint to harden the bristles or fibres and bond them together.
You must not let the Acrylic paint dry on your brush as this is really difficult to get out. Grab a rag or kitchen towel and wipe away any excess paint from your brush to begin with; this will make the washing process faster and easier. Thoroughly rinse the brush with water and wipe the brush in your palm to get the paint out. You can use soap to speed this process and condition your brushes.

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